Why Us? Why We Are Different


We are a uniquely different Coffee Company when compared to our Competitors.

We’ve earned our Customer’s trust and you can rely on us, the quality of our coffees and on our unconditional support. It’s plain and simple, We’re here for you.

We are one of the first Artisanal Coffee Roasters in New England and we’ve  helped create the New England Coffee Culture as it exists today.

We have accomplished some pretty amazing things:

Our coffees have won head to head taste offs against the Goliath’s in the industry.

All of our proprietary coffees have been created with the input of our customers. We don’t release anything for sale into the Marketplace without it first achieving an unconditional “A” rating. Our proprietary Coffees are designed with the aid of our Customers and for our Customers. We have conducted thousands of trials to perfect our coffees. This is why they have been so successful.

We focus our philanthropic endeavors and causes that are close to our hearts and those of our Customers. Recent missions have been focused on Farmer to Roaster relationships in Costa Rica, S. A., Breast Cancer, Pediatric Brain Cancer, and helping-out at Food Kitchens that serve our needy Military Veterans who are struggling.

If you would like to know more about how we are uniquely qualified to help you grow your business with our Cold Brew Coffees and Allied Products please call us at ‭(508) 783-5600‬ or email us at whatsbrewing@CBCS.GURU.

The founders of our company have over 100 years of experience in the Coffee and Food Service business, not something just anybody can claim. We’ve seen just about every conceivable business model and have helped our Coffee Customers realize great success. We invite you to become a part of our team, one which will work with you to help you realize your goals.