Serving Options

Ready to Serve (RTS)
“Fast’inator” Cold Brew Coffee, 1 Gallon Jug.

Requires no equipment. This product can be opened and immediately poured into a glass, over ice. Product has many of the same applications as “Terminator” below, with the added benefit that no extra space is required for equipment. It’s a fast, efficient, and profitable way to capitalize on the growing cold brewed coffee craze. MUST BE REFRIGERATED.

Versatile “Terminator” Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, Jug, ½ Gallon. (RTM)

This product has the most versatility of any of our Cold brew Coffee Offerings. The small, compact Jug takes up very little space which allows Food Service operators with very little free space the opportunity to get in on the cold brew coffee craze. Simply pour into a serving container, dilute to appropriate serving strength, and serve over ice. Undiluted, it can also be served as shots or with milk foam or added flavorings to create some creative offerings which can be very profitable. It can also be used in Alcohol, Ice Cream and Smoothie based beverages. MUST BE REFRIGERATED. ASK US ABOUT HOW YOU CAN GENERATE ADDED REVENUE AND CREATE EXCITEMENT IN YOUR ESTABLISMENT BY PAIRING CHEESE BITES AND FINGER PASTRIES WITH COLD BREW COFFEE SHOOTERS. MUST BE REFRIGERATED.

Nitrogenated and Still “Liberator”, Kegged Cold Brew Coffee, 5 Gallons.
This product requires refrigeration and the use of a Kegerator from which the beverage should be served cold into a frosted glass. The Coffee is infused with Nitrogen which gives it a silky smooth, rich and creamy taste. This product has appeal to Café’s, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Taverns, Specialty Stores, Ice Cream Shops and other venues serving beverages. It offers many unique ways for food-service operators to expand their beverage revenue base as it can also be used in conjunction with alcohol, as well as ice cream and smoothie-based drinks. Delivered within one week of brewing and has a product life of 6-8 weeks provided that it is refrigerated. MUST BE REFRIGERATED. Serve Product at 36 degrees. Product has a shelf life of up to twelve weeks provided it is refrigerated and maintained at 36-38 degrees. We encourage all of our customers to use product within six weeks of delivery date for optimum freshness. Products are non-returnable.