Equipment Options

Ready to Serve (Fast ‘inator)

Comes in One Gallon (128 Fl. Oz.) Jug.

Equipment Required: No Equipment Required

Serve & Store Cold

Ready to Make, (Terminator) Concentrate

Comes in ½ Gallon (64 Fl. Oz.) Jug. Yield 2 to 2 ½ Gal. Finished CB Coffee.(mix to your taste)

Serve & Store Cold

(Kegged Liberator or Organic Dejanator) Kegs.

Nitro or Still. 5 Gallon Keg (640 oz.) Still Kegs are pre-charged with 15 psi of Food Grade Nitrogen and Nitro Kegs are pre-charged with 45 psi of Food Grade Nitrogen. Yields Approximately 46 (16 oz.) Servings.

Equipment Required: Requires Mini Fridge/Kegerator, Nitro System & Nitro Tank(s). We recommend that you have 2 tanks (one as a Back-up).

Kegerator and Nitro System can be purchased directly from Beverage Factory We can give you an itemization of what you’ll need to order. If you’d rather eliminate the hassle and buy directly from your distributor they can consult you based on your needs.