About Us

About the Owners & Why We Formed This Company

This is the story of two industry pro’s who share a common passion for creating the best products on the planet. To this end, they began their journey by first developing the most technologically advanced methods for brewing cold brew coffee. Two long and exciting years were spent developing the process. Both founders had been engaging with their coffee customers for many years, over fifty years combined, as amatter of fact at the time they began Cold Brew Coffee Science. Rob and Jim have both owned and operated Cafes’ and their partnership brings two complimentary skillsets to the company. Jim has spent many years in manufacturing, finance, and coffee roasting where Rob, an engineer by trade, has also owned and operated a string of successful cafes for the last twenty-five years. The two founders had been doing business together for nearly twenty-five years when Rob decided he needed a change. He picked up the phone and called Jim. What happened next took place over a casual lunch at a seaside restaurant in the port town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Cold Brew Coffee Science was born and they are now brewing some of the best Cold Brewed Coffees on the planet.
"Discover What You’ve Been Missing".

Our Mission Statement

To Protect: Maintain a focus on the issues that are important to our planet and citizens; Fair Trade practices, Recycling, Water Conservation, Clean Energy Solutions & Helping those in need.

To Innovate: Exciting and trend setting products for our customers.

To Evolve: Stay on the cutting edge of Cold Brew Coffee Technology.

To Source: The best ethically sourced coffees from around the globe.

To Roast: Using only the precise standards and protocols required for each specific coffee.

To Brew: Using the most cutting-edge coffee science.

To Package: Employ best practices and packaging modalities which are purchased from vendors who share our mission of what’s best for our planet.

To Distribute: Engage only with Partners who share our common purposes and emulate our convictions.

To Support: Treat all Customers & Vendors like part of our family.

To Excel: Produce the best Cold Brew Coffee on the planet and set the bar for best business practices in the industry. 

We challenge other companies to follow our lead. Focus on what’s most important first and never lose sight of what’s best for everyone.

Do your best.

Do the right thing.

And, most importantly, make a difference.

All good things will follow.