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Mixology Science Behind Cash's Coffee Science

Written by Beth Leonard from Ring’s Juice Bar at Ring Bros. Marketplace

With being a professional mixologist for over thirty years in the restaurant business, it’s been extremely useful to reflect upon my knowledge using the same tasting profiles and crafting notes found in artisanal liqueurs and well-crafted beers. As it turns out, specialty coffee, craft beer and artisanal liqueurs have a lot in common!

As Ring’s Juice Bar manager, I have created a signature blend coffee smoothie, highlighting Hogan Brothers Micro Roasted Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee Science. These two drinks are the product of expertise, passion and a lot of hard work.

The key in extracting these flavor profiles was to highlight some of the sweeter, more subtle notes detected in the bean. Whereas the idea of a good cup of coffee is a strong coffee, it was essential to develop a smoothie to compliment the unique layers of subtle sweetness. The nuttiness is brought to life using dry roasted cashew pieces, hence the name “Cash's” in the name “Cash's Coffee Science”. In order to balance out the natural bitterness found in most coffee, I added cocoa nibs for that element of sweetness, bringing out the natural chocolate undertones from this premium bean. The result was a perfect marriage of delectable coffee flavor, vanilla, chocolate, and nutty goodness.

With integrating a drink like this into a juice bar, careful consideration was used to make sure the flavor tasted great but to also incorporate natural healthy ingredients. With 21 grams of added protein, cocoa as an antioxidant, cashews providing protein and iron, Cash’s Coffee Science at is a great way to enjoy coffee that will nourish your body all day long!