Our Impact

Our Impact

We are seasoned Coffee industry Veterans and Military Service Veterans who are mindful of the importance of service, integrity, honor, comradery, and the caretaking of our planet, and customers.

Our service to our customers commences with these credos and we treat everyone as our brothers and sisters. Yes, we know you may not be coming to our Birthday parties but we’re going to treat you like family anyway.

As for our Suppliers in foreign lands, we also treat these folks with the honor, inclusion, fairness and the respect that they have earned.  Many of them depend on us to support the work that they do and their families for the coffee beans that they provide to us. We reciprocate this mutual respect by paying them a price well above the minimum standards set by Fair Trade Standards. You don’t remain in business as a Coffee Roasting Company for over twenty-five years without honoring these relationships.

We pay the same respect to Mother Earth and to the resources which this country provides to us. These resources are part of the overall benefits that we all enjoy as citizens of this country and of this planet. It is also part and parcel to our FREEDOM.

We innovate methods that help reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing geo-thermal energy to heat & cool our facility, hydro-electric power to run the pumps and lights we use in the factory.

The kegs we use for our cold brewed coffees are manufactured from 85% recycled material and we are part of the One Choice Global recycling movement which with the ongoing participation of all citizens will help rid the planet of the waste that is contaminating our Earth.

If we all work together, we can use Plastic to solve the plastic crisis and clean up our planet.

Our kegs, manufactured by UniKeg are the only kegs that, from the start, are designed with circularity in mind. Key Keg started to re-use plastics to create their grip rings and base cups; made of 100% Post Consumer Recyclate. Today, Key Kegs are collected with the aim to create new Key Kegs made of 81% re-used materials before the question of plastic reuse became a major topic. Therefore only 19% of the used Key Kegs is for other applications than new Key Kegs. Key Keg has the ability to be 81% more circular than any of the kegs in its category. Innovation is continuing to in time deliver kegs following the full Cradle to Cradle principles.

The challenge to push the boundaries further, came when it became obvious that the market waste streams were not all taking responsibility for plastic waste. Recycling, of large containers, in traditional waste streams is technically possible but in general not applied; kegs often [despite good marketing spin] end up in landfill or are incinerated when left to the traditional waste stream - not recycled despite its technical ability to be recycled – despite all claims that are made in market.

One Circle: cradle-to-cradle kegs. If we all work together, we can use Plastic to solve the plastic crisis and clean up our planet. See One Circle below.

In a year, One Circle has collected kegs used in festivals, created fully operational collection networks in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK leaving nothing to chance with programs ready for rollout in the USA and Asia. In markets such as Japan, the Key Keg and UniKeg are processed by the local waste streams in line with country specifications.

Key Keg and UniKeg have further environmental credentials; they reduce the requirement of return logistics by 100% and water required for cleaning is now zero.

Our kegs come to us pre-sanitized and pre-charged with Medical Grade Nitrogen which assure cleanliness and the ability to simply Tap & Serve to our customers.