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Advantages and Uses by Product Type

Terminator (RTM) Cold Brew Concentrate. This is a (Ready to Make) concentrate version of our Liberator blend (description below). We recommend a dilution of 4:1. Serve over ice and be sure to ask your patrons if they require room for dairy or sweeteners.

Keep in mind; the stronger you make the product the higher the costs. Using our recommended dilution rate of 4:1 should have approximately 3 ½ - 4 ounces of ice and perhaps 1 ounce of dairy for those that want it. A 16-ounce glass should therefore contain about 11 ½ ounces of cold brew.

The most versatile of all of our Cold Brew Creations. In a ½ Gallon Jug, it takes up very little space. Great for Bars who want to use it in Cocktails and add it as a Coffee Turbo Shot to Beers or Liquors. If you’re already serving our Cold Brewed Coffees on Tap, add a shot as option for an upcharge.

This is also a base for making your own Iced Cold Brew without all the fuss of making it from scratch yourself which is time consuming, messy and requires precision to get it right.

Does require a preparation container, see equipment.


Fast’inator (RTS) Ready to Use. This is our (Ready to Serve) version of our Liberator kegged cold brewed coffee (description below). As this is already set at the perfect serving strength all you need to do is pour over ice to serve.

We call it Fast’inator because it’s FAST, EASY and EFFICIENT to get in on the Cold brew Coffee Craze. Like the Concentrate, the 1 Gallon Jug takes up very little space and you can instantly pour over ice to create delicious Cold Brewed Iced Coffee in less than 10 seconds. You don’t have the versatility or the smaller footprint of the Concentrate but this is the easiest and lowest cost item to have if you want to get in on the Cold Brew Craze. No equipment is required.

Tapped cold brewed coffees. Also think coffee smoothies as they are exploding in popularity and demand. Don’t overlook these. $$$$$$.


Cold Brewed (Kegged) Coffees can be served two ways.

Option 1 is “Nitrogenated” where we have infused Inert food grade nitrogen gas into the coffee at a volume of 45 psi. * Nitrogen gas creates a very large bubble which mixes with the coffee and creates volume and a creamy texture. This is perceived on the palate as sweet and smooth.

Option 2 is referred to as “Still”. We also infuse nitrogen into the coffee but at a much lower volume of 15 psi. * The product has all the same taste characteristics as the nitrogenated version above but feels a lot more like a supercharged iced coffee.


Liberator (Kegged) Cold Brew Coffee.  Available as Nitro, 45 psi, or, Sill, 15 psi. We use only Organic high-elevation Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance beans farmed in Colombia and Brazil respectively. This proprietary blend brews a smooth, rich and invigorating cold brew coffee. It is served cold as a stronger, smoother version of iced coffee.  What you can expect is a captivatingly rich coffee which exhibits both chocolate and caramel undertones which will leave you wanting more.

Consider this an ultra-smooth, low acidity supercharged iced coffee. This is Nitro’s Sister. Like the Nitro, it is delivered in 5 Gallon Kegs, and served with a Kegerator and Tap System. Because it is served under low pressure, it does not exhibit the same ultra-creamy texture and smoothness of the Nitro. This product is better suited to those customers who prefer something more similar to a conventional style Iced Coffee but on the Cold brew platform. This style of Cold Brew is perhaps a bit easier for the customer to mix in their own choice of condiments as it is not bubbling and foaming like the Nitro would be shortly after the pour. This style may also be preferable by some establishments to use in smoothies if the bubbling and foaming action of the Nitro version may not be desired. Requires a kegerator which matches your specific needs and a nitro system.


Liberator (Kegged) Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. This is the coffee that is capturing everyone’s attention and is the most exciting thing to happen to coffee in decades. It is delivered in 5 Gallon Kegs, and served with a Kegerator and Tap System. The nitrogen gas bubbles dance and cascade in the glass thickening the coffee texture and mouthfeel, making it creamy, frothy and sweet without sugar. It’s as smooth as silk and will put a huge smile on faces of all coffee aficionados.

Also recommended for use in Cold Brew Coffee Based Smoothies and Cinnamon Rimmed Cold Brewed Coffee Ice Cream Floats with Whipped Cream and a Cherry. For some of our ideas see RECIPES.

Add a turbo shot of concentrate to supercharge with caffeine.

Turn a Pilsner Draft Beer into a Pilsner Coffee Stout.

 Requires a kegerator which matches your specific needs and a nitro system.


Organic Dejanator (Kegged) Cold Brew Coffee.  Available as Nitro, 45 psi, or, Sill, 15 psi. We fashioned this cold brew offering after our Hogan Brothers Coffee customers starting asking for it. Paul in Needham said he had tried everything else, then he had this made Toddy style at another one of our customers and told me we had to do it, so we did. This coffee has been in the marketplace for years and happily for us, because of Paul the legacy will continue. This time, cold brew style.

What to expect: At first this will have a very familiar taste which is followed by a rich-syrupy sweetness. It also has great body and finishes with a bold and creamy texture.

Note: Some of the most exciting uses of our products have yet to be created.

*psi = pounds per square inch.