Welcome Cold Brew Coffee Science

Over the last three years, New England has been bitten by the Cold Brew Coffee Craze. Initially I viewed this as perhaps another passing blip on the radar but this Coffee Beverage has most recently earned the distinction as being the most continuous and fastest growing segment in the beverage industry. In layman’s terms, “it looks like it’s here to stay”.

During this period, since early 2016, I’ve been watching, studying, researching, talking to customers, experimenting, and even helping other small companies within the industry get their businesses up and running. I began watching, listening and asking questions again. Some of the most positive and negative feedback was useful in determining and knowing with a great degree of certainty what the end consumers wanted and how the Food Service Sector could provide a high-quality fresh Artisan product quickly, efficiently and at a cost which allowed the Foodservice Operator to make a profit and allow the customer to get a superior product at a great price.

The result of all this research is that at cold Brew Coffee Science we have designed a very simplistic model which will allow any business interested in being part of this growth to get into it quickly, easily and have the option of selecting a style that best accommodates their own particular business. Let’s face it, there is a big difference in how a Café, a Catering Company, a Coffee Shop and a Specialty Store conduct business. Consequently, they each require a different delivery system.

We are prepared to help you analyze the options available to you if you want to feature this product. We can help you select the preparation, serving, and storage method that best suits your unique requirements.

Please call me at 508-875-4421, text to 508-783-5600, or email JimHogan@cbcs.guru if you’d care to further discuss serving Cold Brewed Coffee.

Jim Hogan
Rob Gould
Founders, Cold Brew Coffee Science.